5 young Baltimore Ravens with the most to gain in the preseason

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of first and second year players that will get preseason playing time to prove that they belong
Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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The preseason is all about the young players getting chances to play and proving that they have taken steps to improve. The Baltimore Ravens are relying on plenty of these young players to break out this year, and it has to start in the preseason. Who are some of the younger players with the most to gain over the next few weeks?

5. David Ojabo has a chance to grow in the preseason

The preseason is built for players such as David Ojabo. We all know the story about Ojabo as of now. He tore his Achilles preparing for the draft, and the Ravens still took him in the second round. He stunned many when he got onto the NFL field last season, beating his injury timetable by a few months.

He has been eased back into the mix this offseason and has been given enough off days to not overdo it. However, he is ready to get a real workload for a full season in 2023. The preseason will be huge for Ojabo to shake off the rust, and gear himself up to make a leap this season.

He pretty much missed his whole rookie season, and it will take him a few weeks to figure things out. So, the Ravens will want to get him on the field as much as possible in the preseason. Maybe a sack or two against some depth players to get his confidence up is what he needs to have a major season for the Ravens.

Whether he has a killer preseason or struggles, the time that he gets on the field is immensely valuable when it comes to making sure he is ready to get on the field for a full regular season.