5 young Baltimore Ravens with the most to gain in the preseason

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of first and second year players that will get preseason playing time to prove that they belong
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Kyle Hamilton, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Kyle Hamilton has a chance to control the Baltimore Ravens defense

Kyle Hamilton had a strong rookie season, but like any rookie, the Ravens are going to look for him to bring more to the table in year two. One of the big reasons that the preseason will matter for Hamilton is that he is essentially playing an entirely new position compared to last season.

Last year at this time he was the dime player, as Chick Clark held down the strong safety role. Then, during the season he moved into the slot for nickel downs because the team did not have any other options.

Now, he is set to be the starting strong safety with Clark out of the picture. There is plenty of added responsibility, along with it being an entirely new role. Beyond that, there is the question of if he will slide into the slot at all or if that is his only role. The team does not really have an answer to replace him, and he is now the best option for two spots. His role, usage, and development will be key to watch.