3 Baltimore Ravens who must dominate the Los Angeles Chargers

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Isaiah Likely
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2. The Baltimore Ravens have to prove they can pass to the tight end

We are about to see just how much the Baltimore Ravens miss Mark Andrews this weekend. If Andrews were healthy, it would be an easy call for him to shred this Chargers defense. 

The Chargers are second in receptions allowed and yards allowed to tight ends. Eric Kendricks is looking older than in past years, and Kenneth Murray is much better downhill as a linebacker. Worse than that, it looks like injuries are catching up to Derwin James. 

The Chargers are weak in the middle of their defense. This should be a game where Isiah Likely establishes that he can be the tight end who can step up. If not, what about Charlie Kolar? 

Even if it is not Kolar or Likely, the Ravens have to expose this matchup. Being weak at linebacker and safety means that passes to running backs come in bunches as well. They are third in receptions and yards allowed to running backs this year. 

Keaton Mitchell has been getting more active in the passing game. He has gone from an 8% route participation rate to 17% and then 24% in week 11. If he continues that ascension against this defense, there is a good chance that he will get free for a long score.