4 Baltimore Ravens who must step into bigger roles week two

The Ravens will be relying on depth and backups to play better this week
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The Baltimore Ravens appear to be cursed with injuries. They continue to pop up for this team, and they could not make it through one game this season. So, now that the team is dealing with multiple injuries, who are the players that must step up and replace them?

4. Geno Stone will start for the Baltimore Ravens

Geno Stone has been a much-needed addition to the Baltimore Ravens' secondary over the years. With Marcus Williams out a while due to a pec injury, the team will be relying on Stone once again. Stone is entering his fourth season with the Ravens after being a seventh-round pick.

He has 731 snaps over the course of his career and logged 60 of those in week one. The good news about Stone is that he has filled a starting role before, and he also has played that third safety role that requires him to wear a lot of hats. He can be versatile in the back end. The bad news is that he is much better in that third safety role, and there will be an obvious drop between Stone and Marcus Williams.

The big difference will likely come down to ball production. It is hard to see Stone being as aware, athletic, and able to make plays that Marcus Williams can make. That is why Williams makes the big money.

So, the defense may not be at risk of giving up big plays or becoming a bad unit because of Williams, but that extra bit of dynamic ability may be sapped out of this team in the coming weeks.