4 nightmare scenarios for Ravens in 2023

  • No quarterback pressure?
  • An improved division?
  • Injury concerns?

Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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4. Lamar Jackson suffers injury for third year in a row

Two of these nightmares have to deal with an injury. Let's be honest, both Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham's health are at the forefront of every fan's mind and will be throughout the entirety of this coming season.

Jackson has been hurt in each of the past two seasons, forcing guys like Tyler Huntley into action. While Huntley is one of the better backup quarterbacks in football, he's also not an ideal, long-term starter.

The Ravens also handed Jackson a whole lot of money this offseason. Protecting himself should be priority number one, and this new offense under Todd Monken should help him do that, allowing him to pass more. Running less will certainly help ease the nerves of fans when it comes to seeing their quarterback take hits, but it's on Jackson's shoulders to do what he can to protect himself.

Should Jackson get hurt, the season is gone. Just like last year, the Ravens will prove that they need Jackson to win in the postseason. If he isn't on the field, the Ravens' hopes are severely dim

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