What Will Lamar Jackson's Production Be Under Monken's New System

Lamar Jackson is heading into his sixth season of his career. This time it's in a scheme built by newly acquired Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken. How will Lamar produce in this new offensive system?

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp
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The Baltimore Ravens are preparing for one of the most crucial training camps in franchise history. There have been some interesting changes in the Ravens offense. They've added receivers Nelson Aghalor and Odell Beckham Jr as well as drafting Zay Flowers. The addition of these weapons to an offense that has been lacking in passing production could lead to some very interesting results.

The change in the receiving core comes with a change in offensive philosophy. Todd Monken hits the scene as the Ravens choose to move on from Greg Roman. Monken brings in a system that's vastly different than what the Ravens have run during the Lamar Jackson Era in Baltimore. This brings up the most important topic heading into train camp: Lamar Jackson. Fresh off a 5-year extension Lamar is ready to get going.

However, he has his work cut out for him. He's heading into training camp with a new offensive system and the best receiving core he's had so far in his career. With these new additions, how will he respond? Most importantly, what will his production be under this new system?

1. Lamar's 2022 Production

Lamar Jackson
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Taking a look at Lamar's final season of production in the Greg Roman System.

Taking a look at Lamar Jackson's 2022 production we can see that it was the lowest it's been in the Greg Roman era. He finished with 2,242 passing yards which was 600 fewer yards than what he produced in 2021 despite playing the same amount of games.

He also went from 240.2 passing yards per game in 2021 to 186.8 passing yards in 2022. Most notably, his intended air yards went from 9.3 to 8.3, which would be the lowest in his career to date. This is the case when taking into account the fact that several of his offensive weapons suffered season-ending injuries early in the season, and Lamar himself suffered a major injury in the back end of the 2021 and 2022 seasons. This decrease in production on offense had a huge impact on the Ravens making major changes this offseason. With a new offensive scheme, the addition of new offensive weapons, and the return of some key players, Lamar is set to have a much more productive season.

2. The impact on his rushing production

Lamar Jackson, J.K. Dobbins
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The return of a helthy JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards impact's Lamar's rushing production

The Ravens identity has always been the Run game. They dictate the game by dominating at the line of scrimmage with their running game, and they try to beat you over the top with plays down the field in the passing game. This philosophy matched up well with the Greg Roman system. It also helps that you have one of the most electrifying dual-threat QBs in the game.

A major part of the Ravens Offense Has been utilizing the inactive talent of Lamar Jackson's legs. They've incorporated that gift into the offense, and it was something those often chose to lean on. This left their passing game underutilized, which often put them in tough spots, especially in the postseason. The Addition of Monken changes the philosophy. he's known more for his development in passing schemes. This leans more towards the raven, shifting towards an increased utilization in the passing game. With this in mind, there's a high chance that we will have a decrease in designed runs for Lamar. You add this along with the fact that his two primary backs in Dobbins and Edwards, will be healthy for the first time in 2 years, and you get a decrease in rushing production from Lamar.

3. A much need boost in the passing game

Lamar is gaining Chemistry with some of his new weapons

The passing game has been the biggest focus for the Ravens this past offseason. It has been around the bottom of the league throughout the Roman era. The passing game has been tame and subpar despite having one of the most Dynamic Qbs under center. It has been an aspect that has been a big aspect of criticism on several networks. The Ravens took that criticism to heart and went to work on some changes.

They brought in Todd Monken to emphasize a change in their offensive philosophy, and they added several weapons to bolster their receiving room. The addition of Beckham and Flowers alongside Batemen gives Lamar the best receiving core he's ever had. With all these additions, one can expect an increase in passing production. Lamar has the opportunity to showcase what he's capable of. With A new system emphasizing the importance of improving the passing game and playmakers that can create space and make plays downfield, Lamar is set to have the best passing performance he's had since his MVP season.

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4. Overall Outlook

Lamar Jackson
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What lies ahead for the Ravens Offense in 2023?

With the moves the Ravens have made to improve their offense, one must believe that the expectation is high production from the Ravens offense this upcoming season. It all starts with what's built in the training camp. Lamar has a chance to make this the best season of his career. In teams of his production, I suspect this will be his most productive passing and least productive rushing seasons. This is Lamar so we know he can create spectacular plays with his legs; however, I believe this year he will be doing that a lot more with his arm, similar to his MVP season. Overall I predict his production to be around 4000-4200 passing yards - 32 - 35 TD passes and 500-600rushing yards. It's gonna be a very interesting season for Lamar and the Ravens.