OBJ names the quarterback Lamar Jackson needs to live up to

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens came so close to the league's biggest stage this season. It's a stage Odell Beckham Jr. is familiar with, having been there just a few short years ago with the Los Angeles Rams.

Speaking of Beckham, he recently went on Marlon Humphrey's podcast Punch Line and had a lot to say about the quarterbacks he's played with, including Jackson.

"I love Lamar, Mr. MVP, Lemarvelous, 2-time MVP ... I'll put it out there right now.

"Never in my life seen anything like it," Beckham said when trying to describe Jackson.

Beckham also talked about his time with Baker Mayfield before pausing and giving us this genuine description of his favorite quarterback he's ever played with:

"Matthew Stafford ... if someone were to tell you to throw a spiral and be like, 'oh this is what a spiral looks like,' and you didn't know football ... Matthew Stafford ... he's been doin' this."

In a roundabout way, Odell Beckham Jr. gave Lamar Jackson a bar to live up to

Beckham remembered a deep ball Stafford threw him back in the 2014 Pro Bowl and then was given an opportunity to compare him to Patrick Mahomes.

"What if he got drafted in a situation like Mahomes. Could he have been Mahomes?" Beckham was asked.

"1,000 percent," he replied.

To compare anyone with Patrick Mahomes, after what we've seen the Chiefs quarterback do in such a short time, is really saying something. Mahomes has several years left in this league and has the chance to go down as the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

And Beckham is comparing Stafford to this guy? That is some serious, high praise.

You can tell he and Lamar have a great relationship, though, and that when he talks about Stafford in this manner that he is hardly taking a shot at his current quarterback. Rather, Beckham seems to hold all of his quarterbacks in high regard. He speaks positively about each and every one of them, having called Eli Manning "a legend" earlier in the referenced segment.

Should Beckham be brought back in 2024, hopefully he and Jackson can take this Ravens team even further next season, en route to the first Super Bowl his MVP quarterback has seen in his young career.