3 Baltimore Ravens players who will be challenged most by the Miami Dolphins

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The Baltimore Ravens will have a huge challenge against the Miami Dolphins, especially going from the San Francisco 49ers to the Dolphins in back-to-back weeks. They have two of the most complex offenses in the NFL to match up against in a row, with that in mind. Some players will be stressed. 

Which players will have the toughest tests against the Dolphins and will need to step up?

3. The Miami Dolphins are going to target Brandon Stephens in coverage 

Brandon Stephens has had a strong year. He was only getting work at cornerback because the Ravens had Ronald Darby, Rock Ya-Sin, and Marlon Humphrey all either coming back from an injury or were injured to start the season. Still, he took that work and ran with it and will finish with one of the highest snap rates on the roster. 

Still, it looks like things are starting to come undone a little bit. It did not cost the Ravens, but he had a tough time with the 49ers wide receivers, particularly Brandon Aiyuk. PFF had him down for 119 yards allowed in coverage. 

Jaylen Waddle is going to be out this week. However, that does not mean that things automatically get easier with Tyreek Hil. The Ravens will try to bracket Hill, but the genius of Mike McDaniel is in how he gets Hill in the right matchups every week. 

You can bet on McDaniel getting Stephens lined up against Hill, particularly for routes with double moves, to see if Stephens will bite on them. If he does, Hill can score touchdowns on one play and can cost the team in a big way. Aiyuk is a tough threat, but Hill is even tougher. Can Stephens hold up?