Top 3 reasons Baltimore Ravens can make an NFL playoff run in 2023

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The Baltimore Ravens are all in for the 2023 season. They brought back Lamar Jackson and added a lot of weapons for him to have his best shot at making a playoff run. The AFC North is going to be a battle, as always. So, what are the reasons for the Ravens being the best choice to step up out of that division and make a playoff run?

3. Lamar Jackson always gives the Baltimore Ravens a chance

There really is no other way to put it. When Lamar Jackson starts for the Baltimore Ravens they are winning more often than not. For his career, Jackson has a 45-16 record as a starting quarterback in the regular season. On the flip side, in games that he has missed due to injury, the Ravens are 8-13.

Considering this is exact same roster, Lamar Jackson is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Yes, fans will be quick to point out that he is 1-3 in the playoffs. It is worth bringing up, but you have to remember that even Peyton Manning went 0-3 during his first three shots in the playoffs. Manning did not win a Super Bowl until he was 30, so to see Jackson struggle at 26 does not mean this is the end-all be-all situation.

The fact that Jackson has made the playoffs three times, and technically four considering the wins he banked in 2022 guided them to the playoffs should tell you that any season Jackson suits up is the possibility of a playoff run.

Would you rather have Jackson give you a chance in the playoffs every year, or just not make the playoffs altogether? It seems like an easy answer. As Jackson continues to get chances the odds of him going on a run in the playoffs continue to increase.

No one can say for sure when Jackson will have his best playoff run, but it is hard to have a long understanding of the history of football without thinking that Jackson could get hot at the right time and pull something off one of these years. It could even be this year.