5 Baltimore Ravens under the most pressure in 2023

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Patrick Queen, Baltimore Ravens
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2. How much money can Patrick Queen earn?

There may not be another player who could earn as much as Patrick Queen but in a different scenario, lose as much as Patrick Queen. There are two cases to be made. First, Queen is young, and he entered the NFL much younger than most. For that age, he is highly productive. Players who get on the field and produce like he does at his age usually pan out.

On the flip side, he has had tackle stats almost because teams go after him, not because he is a play maker. His coverage stats an are an issue, and his play dramatically improved once the team traded for Roquan Smith. It felt like Queen could not deal with the pressure of being the batman, and needed to be the robin.

The Baltimore Ravens have the best batman in Roquan Smith, which means they will not pay up for any type of robin. Queen will be getting his money elsewhere, the question is, how much.

If he struggles next to Smith, teams will balk at paying him. If he has another stellar year, you will find that team that may not only pay him his worth, but far more. The differences are enormous. The pieces are place, now we will see if Patrick Queen is good enough.