2 Baltimore Ravens players who should have an expanded role in 2023, and 2 who should not

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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As the new season is slowly approaching everything starts new again. We know who the players are, but every week they get a chance to write a new story for themselves. With the way that things have shaken out in the offseason, there will be players that the Baltimore Ravens ask to step into expanded roles. However, there are always players who may see their role reduced from year to year as well.

Who are a couple of prime examples for each?

1. Kyle Hamilton will be a key to the Baltimore Ravens defense

There is no doubt about it, Kyle Hamilton will have a much bigger role in 2023 than he had in 2022. It is as simple as stating that the team traded Chuck Clark. Early into his career, Kyle Hamilton was just a part-time player who mainly played dime snaps.

However, as the season went on, he started to become their best option in the slot when they went with nickel looks. This helped get him on the field more. Now, getting him on the field will not be the issue.

When he steps into the role that Chuck Clark played, he will be the starting strong safety. However, because of what he did last season, even the Chuck Clark role may be expanded upon. The Ravens moved Brandon Stephens back to safety this offseason. They could play Stephens as a deep safety, and then use Hamilton in the slot at times when they want to mix it up.

They also have Geno Stone, who is more of a box safety. So, Hamilton could even play deeper in two-high looks as well. The reality is that he is going to be a chess piece. This is a big step up from what he was asked to do last season, but they seem to have the most faith you can possibly have in him. We will see how it works out.