Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 84 C Jake Guidone

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown until training camp is underway. We are counting down the Baltimore Ravens roster to make this time go by quicker. This is a look into the top players from 90 all the way down to number one. The focus is on what these players may be provided to the team next year and which players' performance will impact games the most.

We started at 90 and are working our way down to number 84 with a UDFA rookie center Jake Guidone.

Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 84 C Jake Guidone

Jake Guidone took an interesting path to the Baltimore Ravens roster that started in the Ivy League. Guidone was at Dartmouth from 2019 through 2021. He barely played in 2019, and then the team did not have a 2020 season. He needed a good 2021 and did that. His one-year starting at left guard for Dartmouth led to him transferring to UConn.

Fascinatingly, he moved up a level and also moved from left guard to center. He started at center every game and played 788 snaps for the Huskies. So, Guidone is a one-year starter at center and a one-year starter in the FBS. He has one year of left guard experience in the Ivy League, and that is it.

That is why he went undrafted. Still, Guidone does have athleticsm, despite being a bit smaller. That does match up with Tyler Linderbaum and makes him a nice candidate to back him up long-term.

However, for the 2023 season, the best case is a year on the practice squad. The Baltimore Ravens signed Sam Mustipher, who was a UDFA himself. Still, he started the past two years for the Chicago Bears. Mustipher may not have been good enough to start, but it would be tough for a rookie with limited experience at UConn to beat out Mustipher in one try.

A year with the coaching staff on the practice squad could easily lead to a roster spot in 2024. The Baltimore Ravens are patient and know they can find an Ivy League gem here and there. Still, that means that they will not push this in 2023, and he should shoot for the practice squad.