Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 83 Edge Kelle Sanders

Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens season is getting closer, but we are definitely in the down period. This is an excellent time to review the roster in totality and countdown from 90 all the way to number one. This list focuses on which players are the most valuable for the 2023 season.

So, we are getting started with the 80s, and number 83 is Kelle Sanders, and edge rusher from UAB

Kelle Sanders took an interesting path to the NFL. He started at a junior college and spent a year at Last Chance U as well. From there, he transferred to UAB. Sanders was a reserve in 2020 as the pandemic limited his chances, but he became a piece of the defense over the past two years.

Size-wise, Kelle Sanders has the frame to be a solid rusher in the NFL. He does not have the athletic ability and does not bring the pass-rushing arsenal, though. The good news is that this is not the deepest edge rusher group, which may be what brought him to the Ravens.

Still, he has a questionable profile, and there is a slim shot to see him jump right onto the roster, even if some of his biggest competition is a fifth-round rookie Tavius Robinson. A best-case scenario for Sanders would be spending a year on the practice squad and adding some more muscle. His best bet is to be in the mold of someone like Za'Darius Smith, who is not a speed rusher but can find his way to the quarterback.

Still, at this point in his development, the Baltimore Ravens are just betting on his physical dimensions and work ethic. They are hoping a year on the practice squad could bring out some of the best in him when the 2024 off-season rolls around.

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That makes him valuable, and he has a better shot at making the roster than some of the lower players listed, but he is still a far shot.