Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 68 Brandon Kipper

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As we keep counting down until the Baltimore Ravens play football again, we are counting down the top 90 players on the Ravens' current roster. The ranking looks into which players have the best chances of making the roster and which players will impact games the most in 2023.

Today, we are onto number 68, Brandon Kipper.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 68 Brandon Kipper

Brandon Kipper is a four-year starter at Oregon State, but he also spent six years in college. He redshirted as a freshman at Hawaii before transferring to Oregon State and sitting for one year. Then, in 2020, he played 514 snaps but still got an extra year of eligibility.

That did not help him get drafted, but it may have helped him get onto a roster like the Ravens and move up to a spot in the top 70 as a rookie. One big reason he is so high is that he has 3,199 snaps in his career, so he has plenty of experience. He also has gotten better every year.

What makes him interesting is his position flexibility. Kipper has 2,249 snaps at right tackle, where he primarily played. But, he has 847 snaps at right guard, and all of them came last season. When you look at his combination of footwork and length, he is probably not cut out for playing tackle in the NFL.

However, when you look at his size and technical skills, he has a shot at guard. The Baltimore Ravens want to put big guards next to the smaller Tyler Linderbaum, and Kipper would fit that perfectly.

Kipper is an older prospect, so he is ready to compete for a roster spot immediately. Better than that, if he competes at right guard, there is a wide open roster spot. Andrew Vorhees may be the future at right guard and backup on paper, but he will miss all of 2023 with a knee injury.

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The Baltimore Ravens have John Simpson, who will be the backup right guard if we assume Sala Amuave-Laulu and Ben Cleveland will compete at left guard. Simpson is a veteran, but if a rookie UDFA flashed over him, it would be an easy move to choose Kipper. He is just a rookie, so he is out of the top 60, but he also is experienced and in a good spot, so he does crack the top 70.