Baltimore Ravens 2023 Roster Ranking: No. 72 Ben Mason

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The days until the Baltimore Ravens take the field for the start of the season are winding down. As we wait, we will count down the roster from top to bottom to find out which players have the best chance of making the roster and which are most likely to impact games.

We are getting into the heart of the countdown with number 72, Ben Mason.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 Roster Ranking: No. 72 Ben Mason

Ben Mason was a 2021 5th-round pick out of Michigan. The draft selection was curious at the time because many projected fullback Patrick Ricard to still be on the roster, and he is still on the roster. Considering. Mason is a fullback only; the question was what the Baltimore Ravens would do with a backup fullback.

So far, nothing. He was cut in 2021 and caught on with the New England Patriots for a few months before spending a few weeks with the Chicago Bears. However, before 2022 he was back with the Baltimore Ravens. He spent the entire 2022 season on the practice squad.

So, because he was cut and bounced around, he is not on the same rookie contract, but it could also be easy for the team to retain control through 2024. the thought seems to be that the Baltimore Ravens have slowly played this and now are waiting until his fourth NFL season before implementing him into the lineup.

If Ben Mason has a great preseason and Patrick Ricard looks slow, the team could make a move this year. However, in 2024, the team will save significant money by letting Ricard go. It appears as though Mason did his rounds but now sees the writing on the wall.

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The most likely scenario for Mason is to get cut and circle back to the practice squad. Because he is a backup, he is just an injury away from getting on the roster. That is what puts him closer to 70 than 90, but his impact is expected to be minimal in 2023. Still, all eyes will be on Ricard and his contract and whether Mason is still here in 2024.