Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 4 bold Lamar Jackson trades with the Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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The Lamar Jackson saga is no where near a secret anymore. The Baltimore Ravens have themselves a legitimate problem on their hands, which could ultimately end with the team parting ways with the former MVP.

Tuesday morning, the Jackson saga came up when NBC Sports' Peter King weighed in on the situation at hand. According to King, the Colts are a real possibility for Jackson, should the Ravens oblige and trade their starting quarterback.

Not only are the Colts a real possibility, but King also mentioned that Baltimore would likley take one particular deal for Jackson, if talks were to progress. What does that package look like? It's pretty simple.

According to King, the Colts would be willing to trade their no. 4 overall pick to the Ravens in exchange for Jackson. The most shocking part of this report is the fact that the Ravens would apparently be willing to accept a deal like this.

Just one pick. That's it. Could it really be that easy for Indianapolis?

"If the guarantees weren’t stupid, I think the Colts would be interested,'' King says. "My bet is the Ravens would take the fourth pick in the draft, solely, for Jackson.''

Just a single pick for the former MVP who is only 26 years old and holds an NFL record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a regular season ... that's likely not good enough for the Ravens. But, King believes it would be.

Now, if that wasn't quite good enough, or the Ravens wanted a different type of deal, what would that look like? We get a little bold with the next few trades.