Baltimore Ravens Rumors: DeAndre Hopkins trade scenario garnering attention

Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens shoudl still look at adding another wide receiver in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. This weekend is a crucial weekend for the Ravens' offense, actually.

By the end of the draft, we will know a little more on Baltimore's future plans when it comes to Lamar Jackson. If they draft a quarterback within the top couple of rounds, or even third round let's say, then maybe they're comfortable moving forward with Tyler Huntley as a bridge quarterback before their rookie takes over in 2024.

As for the wide receiver position, if the Ravens do not add a wideout in the top couple of rounds, then there could be a chance they have other plans in mind. Those plans? They could involve Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

One of the latest draft rumors has Hopkins being a possible trade target for the Ravens, and former NFL veteran Pacman Jones thought the two sides were a likely match.

However, Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox doesn't buy into the rumor.

For DeAndre Hopkins to become a member of the Baltimore Ravens, a few things would have to happen

Knox points out that, for the Ravens to end up landing Hopkins in a trade, the Cardinals would probably have to eat some of his base salary this year of $19.5 million. Baltimore has less than $4 million in cap space, so the number simply wouldn't work.

In addition, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler pointed out on-air that Arizona hasn't been willing to pay part of the salary, at least from who he's been talking to.

If, for some reason, Arizona was okay paying some of the salary, then Baltimore would end up paying a higher price in terms of draft capital, one would think. The Ravens would also be assuming that Jackson is coming back, making a move like that, otherwise the one-year rental of Hopkins wouldn't be worth it.

Another scenario is that Jackson agrees to stay, and Hopkins gets an extension with the Ravens; something he's been wanting if he was moved.

Regardless of what happens with Hopkins, the Ravens have to add another receiver somehow.

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