Is the Baltimore Ravens running back about to become a fantasy football super star?

J.K. Dobbins should be on the fantasy football radar for all fans
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Before training camp, there were concerns about J.K. Dobbins, his injury status, his potential hold-in, and his status on the Baltimore Ravens. However, as Dobbins has returned to practice, a lot of those questions have subsided. Beyond the questions of him being on the field and being healthy leaving, there has been an added element of his game to entice fantasy football fans.

J.K. Dobbins is a fantasy football steal on the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have not been a team to throw the football to their running backs with Greg Roman. However, with Todd Monken, the plan is to throw the football a lot more, and that includes passes to the running back. This could lead to Dobbins not only leading the rushing attack but adding a dynamic ability as a pass catcher.

Dobbins apparently had a big day catching the football out of the backfield, which caused reporters to ask him what they think of his ability to impact the passing game. His response:

"“You see it, I dont even gotta say it, you see. You will see it. If the game is going good in the passing game, let’s keep passing.”

JK Dobbins

Dobbins said that to reporters who saw how he could impact the passing game and then told them that they would see more of it when the regular season comes. Reporters are not allowed to report specific routes or things like that, so they wanted Dobbins to expand more on his role for fans to understand, but he left it with a simple 'you will see.'

Still, as he notes, the mentality in the room is that if the passing game is good, they should keep passing it. It helps when the running back says that, and it is easier for a running back to say that if he knows that he will be getting fed in the passing game.

What makes running backs superstars in fantasy football is their ability to impact the game in all areas. Dobbins has always been an explosive back with good vision, but he has never added much to the passing game. The fact that reporters are asking him how involved he plans to be shows that he may have a serious role in this area.

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So, Dobbins is getting drafted in fantasy football as if he is injured and will not catch passes, but he is healthy and catching passes. Can you say a steal?

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