Will Baltimore Ravens sign Odell Beckham?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the Baltimore Ravens need a wide receiver. So, it is not surprising that a recent report came out that the team has offered Odell Beckham a contract.

Baltimore Ravens offer Odell Beckham a contract

When Beckham was at the owners meetings there were reports that the Ravens were one of many teams that he met with. It was not disclosed when the deal was offered, but you could assume that numbers were discussed then.

The terms of the deal have not been released, but it is notable that despite it being about a week since the deal was likely discussed, Beckham still has not signed. Beckham has said that when he gets the offer he feels good about, he will sign, so you could assume that the Ravens did not offer enough.

It is worth noting that Odell Beckham tweeted once that the most he has been offered is $4M. He was complaining about that offer, so if that is what Baltimore offered him, they are not going to sign Beckham anytime soon.

When you think about it, the Ravens just gave Nelson Agholor a one-year deal worth $3.25. Beckham tweeted about the $4M Deal on March 18, and then six days later the Ravens ink Agholor for a slightly lesser deal.

You could see pretty easily that Baltimore offered Beckham a cheap contract and he turned it down. They pivoted to Nelson Agholor. So, the reports that the Baltimore Ravens offered a contract to Odell Beckham is probably a bad sign for them signing Beckham, and not a good one.

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They probably already signed a wide receiver to the deal they offered Beckham, and now they moved on to the draft. Could they end up overpaying for him? It is possible, but at this point, it is now likely another team will go after Beckham.