4 Baltimore Ravens who stepped up to beat the Tennessee Titans

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns, Geno Stone
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2. Geno Stone came up for the Baltimore Ravens when they needed him

The Baltimore Ravens started the game by sitting Geno Stone. First, with the Tennessee Titans' heavy personnel, the Ravens played their base looks more. However, when the Ravens did go to their nickel look, it was Arthur Maulet in the slot and Kyle Hamilton back deep as a safety. We had wondered what the Ravens would do because Hamilton has played the slot, and Geno Stone can play deep at times.

However, when Kyle Hamilton was ejected from the game with a helmet-to-helmet hit, the team had to turn back to Stone as a starter. Stone came up with the play of the game by most accounts. The Titans cut an 18-3 lead to 18-13, and they were driving to take the lead.

Ryan Tannehill wanted to go for the big blow and loaded up a deep shot down the field. It was into coverage, and Geno Stone jumped the pass and created an interception. The Ravens responded by getting a field goal and making the score 21-13. It was the swing of the game that the team needed.

Marcus Williams left the game later, and it put Geno Stone in charge of the secondary. In every role, game, and chance he gets to make a play,