Baltimore Ravens: We're still blaming Odell Beckham Jr. for DeAndre Hopkins' market

Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

When the Baltimore Ravens signed veteran receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a 1-year deal earlier in the offseason, the contract details revealed maybe a bit of desperation on Baltimore's end.

The contract was worth $15 million and up to $18 million in the end. That's a pretty steep price to pay for a 30-year-old wide receiver coming off his second ACL tear.

Now, look at another free agent wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, and you might think he's going to be worth more on the market than a guy like Beckham. But, it was Beckham who had the opportunity to sign first. It wasn't until recently that the Arizona Cardinals finally decided to cut ties with Hopkins, making him a free agent.

And, so far, Hopkins has not found a new home. The problem? It's all tied to that contract Beckham signed with the Ravens, and the rest of the NFL knows it.

The Baltimore Ravens and Odell Beckham Jr. are still being blamed for DeAndre Hopkins' slow market

The fact of the matter is, Hopkins is going to play this coming season. But, the price the Ravens paid for Beckham is making it very difficult for him to land a job. Some teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills were interested in the former Cardinals wideout, but not at the price Beckham was signed for.

Hopkins' salary with the Cardinals this year landed at $19.5 million, which was too much for any team to trade for. Therefore, it's not hard to believe why a deal worth up to $18 million is still too much for many teams who are, by most accounts, pretty much done spending.

It is curious as to how this is all unfolding, though, because Hopkins' injury history isn't as littered with worries as Beckham's is. Up until just two years ago, Hopkins was relatively healthy the majority of his career. Meanwhile, Beckham has had a few significant injuries over the years.

Hopkins is also far more accomplished at the same age as Beckham, yet Beckham got the bag simply out of pure timing. It should be interesting to see where and when Hopkins signs, and for his sake, hopefully the hiring of his new agent gives him a better shot.

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