10 biggest questions facing Baltimore Ravens in 2023 season

At every position group you can find major questions that will be answered by the end of the season

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JK Dobbins, Baltimore ravens
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1. How many passes will J.K. Dobbins catch?

Earlier in the offseason, the questions around J.K. Dobbins centered around whether he was going to play or be healthy at all. Now, we are talking about whether he can have a new game-changing role in the offense.

We noted that Monken wants to pass more, but that may be a lot on Lamar Jackson's plate. One way to pass more with ease for Jackson is to have Dobbins catch passes near the line of scrimmage. Dobbins has 162 yards in his NFL career. That is not a long career, but it essentially adds up to one catch for seven yards over his career. That needs to be a bit higher.

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He does not have to be a leading receiver, but even David Montgomery averaged 19.8 yards per game last year and has a 20.7 yards per game average for his career and he has had the Chicago Bears quarterback play. Can we at least get Dobbins up to that rate? That seems doable for this season.

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