10 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in 2023

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As we get ready for the start of training camp, let's get a little bold when it comes to making predictions about the Baltimore Ravens roster. These predictions will be fun but also have just enough realistic sense that fans should react to the possibility of it happening.

What are some of the best bold calls to make for this team?

10. Lamar Jackson throws for 4,000 yards

Listen, Lamar Jackson himself said that he plans to throw for 6,000 yards, so this is essentially being pessimistic and not bold. Okay, Lamar Jackson was a bit optimistic, but you could say that 4,000 is more realistic. Yes, it is true that Lamar Jackson has a career-high of 3,127 yards passing, so this would be a big improvement from his 2019 season.

That is what warrants this to be a bold call.

There is a chance it could happen for a few reasons, starting with Todd Monken. The Baltimore Ravens are going to pass the football more in 2022; we know this for sure. They also will be throwing the ball down the field more, which means more chances for Jackson to hit big yards gains.

If his attempts, and his yards per attemtp go up, the yards will start to shoot up. Beyond that, we have the Ravens skill players seeing huge improvements.

If you said that any of Mark Andrews, Odell Beckham, Zay Flowers, or Rashod Bateman hit 1,000 yards next year, it would at least be possible. Of course, saying all four do it next year is bold, but there is enough yards to go around this year. The combination should lead to a career high. That will be 3,200, but will he get to 4,000?