3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens defensive line needs to show up, and Odell Beckham could have a big day
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With our bold predictions last week, we called for C.J. Stroud to take five sacks from the Baltimore Ravens defense. After nailing our first bold predictions piece, we have to right back and make a few more. What are some bold predictions for the Ravens' week two matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals?

3. Odafe Oweh sacks two Joe Burrow twice

Odafe Oweh quietly had a big game against the Houston Texans. Despite not getting a sack, Oweh had seven pressures. Even more impressively, he did this against Laremy Tunsil, a talented tackle. Fans who box score watch will not be impressed, but if you watch the tape, there is optimism that Oweh will have a strong season.

If you look at the raw sack numbers, it looked like Oweh took a step back last year, but from a pass rush win rate perspective, he was still winning; the sacks just did not come in the same way.

The same thing happened in week one this year. However, if he keeps progressing and he plays like he did in week one, they are going to come soon, and they are going to come in bunches. When you see Orlando Brown, it is a tough matchup, but if Oweh had success against Tunsil, he can handle Brown.

Joe Burrow appears to be dealing with a calf injury, and he already had been known to take a sack or two. If the Baltimore Ravens want to stay in this game, they need some of their healthy players to step up for the injured defenders. They need Odafe Oweh to beat Orlando Brown and make a few plays that leave Joe Burrow on the ground. It would be due justice for Oweh to turn things around and get a couple of sacks against the Cincinnati Bengals.