Breaking down the Ravens depth chart at Quarterback before Week 1

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The Baltimore Ravens made their roster cuts official leading up to last Tuesday's deadline, which they later followed by naming the initial 15 members of their practice squad on Wednesday, pending some final changes involving injured players.

Most of the transactions have already been completed, though, although there will be changes involving the quarterback position because the 53-man roster includes an injured player, the practice squad features a very inexperienced quarterback, and the lone veteran linked to Baltimore is still a free agent following his release on Tuesday.

There was a solid battle to decide who wold become the primary backup to Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, and in a surprising twist, one of the main competitors for such a role didn't even get added to the Ravens' practice squad. That said, he is expected to be re-signed in the next few days to become a member of the Ravens Flock again.

With the dust now settled, here's a breakdown of the Quarterback room of the Baltimore Ravens for the 2023 season.


Ravens QB Depth Chart

QB1: Lamar Jackson

I don't think we need to make any comment on who the starter of the Ravens will be, should be, or anything else.

Baltimore faced a very tough situation when the franchise entered a fight against their franchise QB early in the offseason, but it was always clear that none of the two parties was really going to break the relationship, whatever the demands or the limits imposed by them were.

At the end of the day, the Flock handed Lamar a hefty $260 million deal spread over the next five seasons, guaranteed him a humongous chunk of money, and made him the biggest-paid player in the NFL then and there.

Lamar wants to throw for 6,000 yards this season, which is something we don't know if he will be capable of. One thing we know: he will be closer to that than ever because of a monster receiving corps, not to mention adding 1,000 more yards thanks to his scrambling chops!

QB2: Tyler Huntley

Huntley and veteran Josh Johnson have endured a tightly contested battle to earn the QB2 role for the 2023 season, and that fight tracks all the way back to the start of training camp in late July. When push came to shove, Huntley was the man whose name was found in the initial 53-man roster.

Will that hold, though?

Huntley is entering the regular season nursing a hamstring injury. He could very well miss time, including Week 1 and some games after that. It's not that he would be starting over Lamar or anything like that, but the Ravens only named these two to their roster and they simply cannot enter any matchday with one healthy quarterback and no backup.

Which leads us to...

Depth: Josh Johnson, Anthony Brown

Our favorite super-veteran: Josh Johnson!

Johnson has already met with the Ravens' brass to discuss a veteran deal after getting cut on Tuesday, and he's expected to be added to the active roster in the next few days/hours.

Anthony Brown is the other quarterback in the room, and he's already secured himself a (little) bag as he got signed by the Ravens to fill their practice squad. However, Brown is miles behind his competitors for a roster spot, let alone getting snaps in actual NFL games.

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Johnson will eventually sign a deal with the Ravens and most probably start the season as Lamar's main backup and Baltimore's QB2. He won't be able to do anything on the field (barring catastrophe), though.

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