10 burning questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in Week 1

The Baltimore Ravens have questions that will be answered at every position
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When the Baltimore Ravens take the field in Week 1 against the Houston Texans, it will be a great chance to see just how good the Ravens are. The Texans are walking into the game wounded and may have been at a disadvantage before that. Still, as the Ravens move forward this season, what are the big questions that could be answered this week?

10. Will the Baltimore Ravens make Trenton Simpson a healthy inactive?

This one will be answered this week. When you look at the roster, it is hard to find five players to make inactive before getting to Trenton Simpson. Tylan Wallace could be the sixth wide receiver, but all three quarterbacks will be active because it does not count against the roster anyway. All three running backs and all three tight ends have roles.

The ninth offensive lineman will be inactive, as will Tavius Robinson as the fifth edge rusher. Brent Urban is a thought, but the Ravens would only dress four interior linemen, then. Jalyn Armour-Davis will join them as will Marlon Humphrey due to injury, but they only have three safeties, so none will come there.

When you go through every position, the ninth offensive lineman, Humphrey, Tavius Robinson, and Armour-Davis, are choices, and then there is Trenton Simpson. Simpson failed to beat out Del'Shawn Phillips this summer as the backup linebacker. Phillips also has much more experience on special teams. So, Simpson is a fifth linebacker, and of the bottom three linebackers, he is the worst on special teams. Trenton Simpson should be inactive.