10 burning questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens Week 1 win over Houston Texans

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7. Will Lamar Jackson continue to struggle under pressure?

A pretty notable split was Lamar Jackson and his ability to play under pressure. Basically, when the offensive line bought him time, he ate the defense up. He was perfect. When the Houston Texans were able to get through, he played awful.

That is significant. It is interesting because you could say that Jackson would take some time to get used to the scheme, but under the right circumstances, the scheme made him look great. It was out of structure and under pressure when he struggled, but he typically has been the best there. So, the first thought is that this can even out.

The other thought is that it may take time for him to build a rapport with Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham more than it will take him time to build continuity with Todd Monken.

When things break down, he needs to know and trust where they will be, and that is not there yet. He missed Beckham on a few chances, and Flowers had most of his production from schemed targets.

Look for Jackson to try to establish more connection with these targets when plays break down, and if that happens, maybe the scheme will not be an issue for fans anymore.