10 burning questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Chargers

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8. Did the Baltimore Ravens finally show they can shut down the good quarterbacks?

One big question from the Ravens in recent weeks is whether the defense is legitimate or just feasting on bad quarterbacks. The two times they played Joe Burrow, he was hurt, and when they played CJ Stroud, it was week one, and almost all of his offensive line was missing. Ryan Tannehill got hurt, so they had to play Malik Willis. 

Then, the Ravens played Garnder Minshew, Kenny Pickett, Joshua Dobbs, Jared Goff, and Geno Smith. DeShaun Watson mounted a huge comeback, which made you wonder if the Ravens would have issues against the better playmakers at quarterback. 

While Justin Herbert was without some helpers on offense, he was the best quarterback the Ravens faced. He was healthy, and the Ravens shut him down. This is a good omen because the road ahead brings more. They get Matthew Stafford, Trevor Lawrence, the 49ers, and the Dolphins over the next four games. This is when the defense will have to show whether they can win a Super Bowl.