10 burning questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Chargers

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4. Is less more for the Baltimore Ravens and Odell Beckham Jr.?

Something changed for the Ravens in week nine. After Odell Beckham had the worst game of his career in week eight, the Ravens started to limit Beckham's snaps. In week ten, the Ravens put him on what appears to be a limited snap count role. 

In the last three games, he has played just 33.5% of the overall snaps, and on pass plays, he runs a route just 42% of the time. In the first nine weeks, he played 57% of the snaps and ran a route 66% of the time. That is about 21 snaps per game from 39 snaps per game. 

What is fascinating is that the last three weeks have been the best we have seen from Beckham. He is averaging 63 yards per game in the last three games and 24 yards per game in the first eight. His yards per route run is 4.63, which is up from 1.31 in the first eight games. 

A lot of this comes from a week 11 performance when he had 116 yards, but he also averaged 3.93 yards per route run in week 10 and 2.83 yards per route run in week 12. 

Beckham is showing that he is best off doing more when he gets less, and the Ravens should stick to it.