Chargers' obsession with Ravens getting weirder after Tony Jefferson interest

The Chargers are trying to sign the entire 2018 Ravens team
Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Chargers are undergoing a major organizational facelift, as they are trying to rid themselves of the stink brought on by the Brandon Staley era. Proving what a copycat league the NFL can become in the offseason, Los Angeles is trying to bring as many former Baltimore Ravens players as possible in an attempt to capture their magic.

The Chargers have a decidedly Ravens-like flavor to the power structure. Not only are they coached by John Harbaugh's brother Jim and led on offense by controversial former Ravens OC Greg Roman, but GM Joe Hortiz comes from Baltimore's front office.

Hortiz's primary goal seems to be reconstructing the 2019 Ravens (which did not win a championship, need I remind him). With multiple former Ravens players on both sides of the ball, Hortiz's fetish has reached new levels now that he's showing interest in former Baltimore safety Tony Jefferson.

Jefferson, a San Diego native who recently unretired, is going to try out for the Chargers during their minicamp. Jefferson hasn't even been an above-average defensive back in half a decade, and the Chargers are still taking a look at him because he used to have a bird on the side of his helmet.

Chargers eyeing yet another former Baltimore Ravens player in Tony Jefferson

Jefferson struggled with injuries during his last few years in the NFL, but he always had great playmaking instincts and veteran leadership. The Chargers shouldn't necessarily be mocked for this move, but it is quite humorous how they can't stop themselves from getting the band back together.

Roman has spent most of the offseason trying to remake his early Ravens offenses, signing two former Baltimore running backs in JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. Who better to block for them than Bradley Bozeman, a former Ravens center who spent the last two seasons with the Carolina Panthers?

Say Roman decides to throw the ball, even if it's only 17 times every game. How about Hayden Hurst, whom Baltimore picked over Lamar Jackson in the 2018 NFL Draft, as a tight end? Even the fullback is a former Raven, as ex-Michigan stud Ben Mason recently signed with LA.

Jefferson will likely be nothing more than a backup who provides insurance behind Derwin James and Alohi Gilman, but the Chargers' inability to control themselves whenever a former Raven is on the market is getting quite comical. Time will tell if it actually can work.