5 depth Baltimore Ravens with most to gain against Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens will be resting plenty of starters, but all that means is that there will be chances for the depth players on the roster to get their chance to start. Which players could walk away from this game in a much better spot regarding their future if they play well this weekend?

Can the Baltimore Ravens get consistent play from Ben Cleveland? 

The Baltimore Ravens started Ben Cleveland against the Miami Dolphins, and he looked good; with Kevin Zeitler still injured and the Ravens clinching the one-seed, it is an obvious decision to give him the reigns to start again. 

This was supposed to be a game-changing year for Cleveland. He was in his third NFL season, and the left guard job was wide open for his taking. However, the Ravens slotted John Simpson and hardly gave Cleveland a chance to earn that spot, as Sala Aumavae-Laulu backed up Simpson in the preseason

So, Cleveland was stuck at right guard behind Zeitler. On one side, it meant that Cleveland had little chance of playing this year. On the other, Zeitler is at the age and contract position where he may not be here next year. A good year on the bench with shown improvement could cause the Ravens to start Ben Cleveland next season. 

Cleveland was great in his first start and now gets a strong Pittsburgh defensive line that will be having their starters go all-in. If Cleveland can string together a second straight strong start, the Ravens could have themselves a starter moving forward.