5 reasons to get excited about the Baltimore Ravens in 2023

The offense has new pieces, and the defense has plenty of pieces ready to take off in year two
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3. J.K. Dobbins is healthy and catching passes

Earlier this offseason, there were plenty of questions about J.K. Dobbins. However, while some fans and the media seem to still think that those exist, Dobbins has spent the last couple of weeks answering them. First, he has been off of the PUP. He has practiced for over two weeks now, so any lingering questions about that should be gone.

More than that, his fit into the new offense appears to be seamless. All reports out of training camp are that Dobbins has been more involved in the passing game than ever before. The Ravens are moving to a more passing-oriented offense. Fans are wondering how that will impact Dobbins, who has not had a large pass-catching profile, as well as Lamar Jackson, who only throws so often.

It sounds like the plan is to give them both some easy ones and turn them into Dobbins' working space rather than Dobbins sorting out the mess behind the line. Dobbins has also shown he can work further down the field on routes, but that is something that we have to wait until the season for more of. Will this become a regular thing for Dobbins? Will he flash everything that we have been rumored to see soon?