Former Ravens WR has found a new home in Buffalo

Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens
Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Odds were Andy Isabella would eventually get cut from the Baltimore Ravens at some through the summer, and that was indeed the case when the Ravens proceeded to remove him from their roster a few days ago.

The writing was on the wall, and the truth is that we weren't even ranking him as a top-70 player among those rostered by Baltimore by the time we reached the no. 73 spot in the pecking order.

After finding himself out of a job for a bit, though, Isabella has not had to wait for a long time and the veteran has already found a new organization keen to make it all work for the 2019 second-round pick: the Buffalo Bills.

Despite having not lived up to the high expectations during his initial four seasons in the NFL, the 26-year-old Isabella can look at this as a fresh (the nth, actually) start, as he joins the Buffalo offense and will get to enjoy playing for a supremely talented QB in top-tier passer Josh Allen.

Last year, Isabella signed with the Ravens and was active in Week 18 but he didn't get to play. This offseason, following the addition of many more-talented players in the likes of Odell Beckham Jr., rookie Zay Flowers, and veteran Nelson Agholor, Isabella was always on the outside looking... even more outside, probably.

Things won't get any easier for Isabella in Buffalo, mind you. The former Raven is joining a receiving corps featuring Stefon Diggs as well as Deonte Harty and Trent Sherfield, both known for their speed and agility, which are Isabella's main attributes.

Isabella will hope for a breakout and to finally grab a strong hold of an NFL role since he's not been able to get it for years on end since entering the league with a reasonably high level of expectations, that of a second-round draftee.

Here's to hoping Andy can find a place where he can excel at this little thing called gridiron ball!

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