3 injured Baltimore Ravens least likely to return at Pittsburgh Steelers Week 5

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Daryl Worley
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2. The Baltimore Ravens may not need Daryl Worley this week

The Ravens had started to get thin at safety. Marcus Williams was out, and then the team decided to move Kyle Hamilton into the slot because of the lack of depth in that area. So, the starting duo quickly went from Williams and Hamilton to Geno Stone and Daryl Worley.

Things were fine until Worley suffered an injury against the Cleveland Browns. It led to the Baltimore Ravens moving Kyle Hamilton back to safety and sticking Arthur Maulet in the slot. This was bad timing for Worley, but the good news is that he may not have had that starting job for long anyway.

Marcus Williams has practiced all week, and all indications are that he is going to return against the Steelers. So, the odds are that the Ravens will play Williams in the role that Worley had and they will stick Hamilton back in the slot. Of course, after Arthur Maulet had a good game, they could also start him and play Hamilton back deep next to Williams. Either way, they are not going to be missing Worley this week, who held things down while he needed to.