4 injury notes Baltimore Ravens fans must monitor coming out of bye week 

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1. Was the Odafe Oweh more serious than the Baltimore Ravens are saying?

The Baltimore Ravens need Odafe Oweh to complete a trio of talented rushers. When Oweh joins Kyle Van Noy and Jadeveon Clowney, they have a starting rotation, but when one of them is off, it limits what this pass rush can do.

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Oweh was hot in the middle of the year but cooled off late. Perhaps that is why he was playing in a week when he re-injured an ankle that caused him to miss four games starting back in week two. It took Oweh some time to get ramped back up after his previous injury, so it makes sense that the Ravens would be cautious. However, it is concerning that this came just last week, as it likely is going to take multiple weeks until he is right. If Oweh is back in full this week, the issue is minor, and the team is being cautious. If he misses time this week, they had a costly week 18 injury.