3 issues emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over Los Angeles Rams

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The Baltimore Ravens handled business and walked out of their week 14 matchup with the Los Angeles Rams as winners. However, that win was not easy, and there were plenty of times when it felt like things were going to fall apart. 

Despite the win, what are some reasons for Ravens fans to be worried?

3. The Baltimore Ravens defense has not come up in big spots

The Baltimore Ravens' defense wants to be considered elite, but at key times throughout the season, they have not shown that. The offense has assisted in late-game collapses, but the Ravens do not have many signature moments where they put a team away. 

They put away Houston before the fourth quarter, and they let Cincinnati turn a two-score game into a close game late. They gave up two crucial field goal drives to the Colts in a loss and allowed Kenny Pickett to hit George Pickens in the fourth quarter to give up a lead. Deshaun Watson turned it on against them late and they even had trouble putting Joshua Dobbs away after they had a lead. 

After stuffing the Chargers with a key stop late, it looked like they may have figured things out. Then, Matthew Stafford put up 58 yards on the Rams' final drive to get them into field goal range. The Ravens' defense allowed two explosive passes far too quickly.

When the Ravens have a one-score lead late, it is hard to trust the defense to protect it. When they are up two scores, you know that they will give up the score to make it closer late in the game. That is not an elite defense, and that is a concern for the playoffs. At some point, the quarterbacks they face will look more like Stafford than some of the lesser-named quarterbacks they have faced in recent weeks.