3 reasons JK Dobbins is primed to breakout for Baltimore Ravens

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2. Baltimore Ravens Offensive Line could see two big improvements

As talented as Dobbins is as a running back, he still needs his support system. No running back can do anything without a great offensive line. There are two huge pieces on the Ravens' offensive line that could spark a breakout campaign for J.K. Dobbins.

First, we have Ronnie Stanley. Remember healthy Ronnie Stanley? Those were the days. It has been since 2020 when we saw that, though. He missed almost all of 2020 and 2021, and he made his way back in 2022. When he was healthy towards the end of the season, the Ravens' run game started to show some life.

The Baltimore Ravens offense was at its peak in 2019, and it is no surprise that Stanley was at his peak as well. He is such a key piece as a left tackle, and his impact on the run game is huge. While it has been a while, there is reason to believe that 2023 will be his best season since 2019. He has had no injuries or setbacks and has been training, not rehabbing this offseason, which has not happened in a while.

When we last saw him he was trending up, and a full season out of him would be something Dobbins never had. Beyond that, they have the potential to get a lot more out of their center.

Tyler Linderbaum had his ups as a rookie and good reasons to buy into what he can bring. He also had his downs and plenty of room for growth this season. Still, his impact could become central in the run game. Linderbaum has never been known for his power, but he is known for his ability to move and create explosive runs by picking up blocks at the second level. Imagine what can happen if he gets on the same page with Dobbins, and he is five yards downfield giving Dobbins that last block he needs. We could see serious fireworks emerge.

Between Linderbaum and Stanley being better, and Dobbins being healthy, it could be the recipe for a career year.