John Harbaugh gives coy response to Ravens' Jamal Adams interest

The Ravens are keeping their feelers extended.
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The Baltimore Ravens may have the best safety tandem in the league in emerging superstar Kyle Hamilton and reliable veteran Marcus Williams, but that hasn't stopped them from registering some exploratory interest in signing former All-Pro safety Jamal Adams.

While Adams was among the best in the game following a sublime three-year tenure with the New York Jets, injuries and a sharp decline were the hallmarks of his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks. Anyone who signs Adams will be doing so with the thought of trying to resurrect his career.

The Ravens have been able to turn around veterans like Jadeveon Clowney in the past, which could make them a very appealing spot for a player like Adams who needs someone to believe in him. When asked directly about Adams, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh didn't exactly deny that he and the former No. 6 pick have mutual interest in one another.

Harbaugh said "we'll see" when he was confronted about signing Adams, mentioning the two have a prior relationship after running into Adams at the Pro Bowl in 2019. The Ravens have a need for a box safety who could be the No. 3 man on the depth chart, and Adams could fill that mold

John Harbaugh responds to Baltimore Ravens' Jamal Adams interest

Signing Adams would be a gamble, no matter how one looks at it. It's been years since we've seen anything approximating a high-end safety, and the fact he's been limited to just 22 games in three seasons due to injuries suggests that his body could be breaking down.

Adams left Seattle with a good degree of bombast, infamously criticizing a reporter and his wife before doubling down on his provocative comments. The Ravens are no stranger to loud personalities, but would it be worth the risk to bring Adams on when you factor in his decline in on-field production?

The optimist would look at the Ravens' poor safety depth and say that Adams would make a more than fine replacement for Geno Stone. What he lacks in ball skills and coverage ability he could easily make up for his hard hits, run stuffs, and open-field tackles, all of which are traits he still possesses.

Adams and the Ravens could be a worthwhile pairing if Baltimore is able to capture that same lightning in a bottle that helped them turn Clowney's career back around. Knowing that he is on the back nine of his NFL career, Adams would be wise to prioritize joining a contending team.