Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews get frustrated, punt footballs, flash middle fingers

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens were able to endure more than a week worth of practices without any starter going down injured. That changed last Wednesday, though, when Rock Ya-Sin injured his knee.

The same day, Baltimore enjoyed the first scuffle on training camp when there was a little fight between OL John Simpson and ILB Patrick Queen.

There was no sign of players getting mad at themselves until Friday when both QB Lamar Jackson and TE Mark Andrews seemingly couldn't take the pressure of the hot summer anymore and let their emotions out in their own particular ways.

According to different sources sharing (and thus confirming) the same story, Jackson "punted a couple of footballs down the field" and then "threw his helmet to the ground." Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic tweeted about it.

A few minutes after sharing that information, Zrebiec also reported frustration on Andrew's side, as the tight end was "not pleased with not getting a PI call." That led him to "throw up the one-finger salute in direction of referee and Marcus Williams."

Finally, Andrews "shouted an expletive" and was flagged by the ref for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sarah Ellison of The Vault wrote a comprehensive report of Friday's session on Twitter, explaining everything that went down at The Castle and touching on Coach Harbaugh's comments on the offensive players' "frustration" at times.

Speaking after practice, Harbaugh said that the frustration shown by the players is "a reflection of their perfectionism,” and that all offensive members of the Ravens are "chasing perfection," adding "That's what you want to see."

Kyle Barber wrote a detailed play-by-play summary of the punts by Lamar and the actions of Andrews for Baltimore Beatdown.

"The next play, Michael Pierce and Odafe Oweh combined for a sack that blew the play dead, where Jackson half-punted the ball in frustration off his right foot," Barber described. Then, "After Jackson overthrows Andrews again (...) Jackson punted the ball to the sky from his left foot and the drill ceased."

When it comes to Andrews, Barber described his middle-finger sequence as follows:

"During red zone drills, Andrews felt the contact from Hamilton and Williams on a high throw was enough to warrant a flag. Andrews got up from the grass and turned to the ref, gesturing for a flag and open arms asking why he didn’t get one. The official didn’t appear to give him the answer he wanted, resulting in Andrews giving him the middle finger, which drew a flag from a different official for what would be unsportsmanlike conduct."

Now you understand why the offense, according to Harbaugh, "won the practice by eight points."

Focused, determined, and frustrated but accomplished. That's how you want these Ravens performing on the field come the first regular-season week.

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