Lamar Jackson calls out Mike "Flores" Florio, who apologizes in public

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

You might expect this, you might not, but one thing is clear and that is the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night 33-19 on the road moving to an NFL-best 12-3 record and making the Niners look more like pretenders than contenders on Christmas.

Led by quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Flock flew to Santa Clara and dominated their hosts at Levi’s Stadium, giving fellow quarterback (and until Monday MVP candidate) Brock Purdy fits. So much so, that Purdy made history by becoming the first Niners QB to throw four interceptions since 2015. Uh, oh.

This win might have shocked Mike "Flores" Florio, who just a few days ago went viral thanks to a nonsensical hot take that made headlines everywhere. "The 49ers kick the s*** out of the Ravens, I’m sorry I know that’s disrespectful to the Ravens, but let’s be realistic…the 49ers are going to dismantle the Ravens," Florio spoke to the world.

You know how this have ended.

First, Lamar Jackson called Florio "Flores" in the tunnel after beating the 49ers, as captured by Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team.

Then, once he reached the podium and addressed the media in his postgame presser, Jackson added some more thoughts to the whole saga between Florio, the Ravens, and the "dismantling" 49ers (to the eyes of Flores, at least) in what was a game to prove who's a champ (your Ravens) and who's a chump (the team in red and gold).

"You can’t just discredit us," Jackson stated, per Kyle Barber of Baltimore Beatdown. "[Florio] can have his opinion but just don’t be talking like that. That’s disrespectful. That’s very disrespectful."

Jackson respectfully praised the Niners' outing even with Baltimore giving them no option on Monday night. "Not to take away from the 49ers at all--like, they’re great all across the board--but we gone come to play as well. Our record not no fluke. We play ball and we showed that."

Added Lamar: "[Florio] needs to keep doing his job and just don’t come off like that towards us. That’s disrespectful, like I said, cause he isn’t putting the pads on. If he were putting the pads on I feel he would’ve meant different for me. He wouldn’t say that. He would be respectful. I say that we are respectful to our opponents. Our opponents are respectful to us. But the guy we’re not even playing against just come out being disrespectful to us."

Then, Lamar Jackson dropped the full hammer and then some on Florio's head.

"I guess [Florio] wanted more views on his little channel," Jackson claimed. "We’re going to leave it at that."

Mic drop.

Florio, who probably was hiding in a corner of his house or studio, lost no time in jumping to X (formerly known as Twitter) to publicly apologize to the Ravens and Lamar as if that was fix anything this late. Better luck next time, Flores, unless you keep talking before thinking what you're uttering.

In case you're reading us, Mr. Flores, let me remind you that Lamar Jackson completed 23 passes for 252 yards and two touchdowns with no interception, adding 46 yards on the ground. Let me also quote John Harbaugh, who described Lamar's outing after the trouncing of the Niners as an "MVP performance."

Also, let me inform you that Jackson is now the no. 1 candidate to win the MVP award, having overtaken two members of the San Francisco 49ers: no. 2 (yes, top-2) Christian McCaffrey and no. 3 (yes, top-3, not top-2) Brock Purdy.

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The Ravens will take on the Miami Dolphins (11-4) next Sunday trying to keep winning games. The 49ers will need to win out the remainder of the season if they want to enter the playoffs on a winning streak. Not a big challenge for a "dismantling" squad, right Flores?

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