Lamar Jackson discovered he's an international superstar and he reacted hilariously

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Baltimore Ravens arrived in London on Monday evening to get as much British tea as they can get ahead of their matchup against the Tennesse Titans on Sunday.

Well, perhaps that was not the real reason, but you never know! The truth is, we only know that the Ravens are trying to do exactly the opposite of everything they did the last time they visited the capital in 2017.

Back then, Lamar Jackson wasn't still a professional football player. Of course, he wasn't a member of the Ravens organization either, as the franchise drafted him the following year before naming him their Week 1 starter ahead of the 2019 season, one in which he became the second-ever unanimous NFL MVP.

Even then, Lamar is still seemingly shocked about his famous status and recognition beyond the United States judging by his press conference on Wednesday.

Asked if he realized how big football is outside of the United States, Lamar said "I didn't know until people recognized me!" He kept on going in a rather hilarious way, adding "I was like... 'That's crazy! I'm known in London...'"

Jackson is playing his sixth season of NFL football and he is definitely one of the faces of both the Ravens and the league by extension. As aforementioned, he's a former MVP and a unanimous at it. The only other player that can say that is retired quarterback Tom Brady.

Reporters asked Lamar about his thoughts about Brady saying Jackson was next at being the greatest player, to which Lamar answered "[Brady] is the GOAT, he has seven Super Bowls, but when he said that--it was emotional."

Jackson clarified he "didn't cry or anything," but acknowledged that "coming from Tom Brady, that's amazing."

But do you know what Jackson said that got us all members of the Ravens' Flock excited for real? "I need me a Super Bowl or a few."

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First step to take next on the road to glory: Sunday's early matchup against the Titans in England. Set your alarm properly because we'll be kicking off the day as early as 9:30 a.m. on the East Coast. See you there!

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