Lamar Jackson is ready and coming to hunt the Texans' head coach and his fears

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The week didn't start well for the Houston Texans ahead of their season-opener at Baltimore scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 10.

First of all, they entered it with rookie QB C.J. Stroud named as one of the team captains in a rather odd decision. Then, first-time head coach DeMeco Ryans revealed his fears about Lamar Jackson's talent.

On Wednesday, the Texans ruled out one of their starting tackles for the first four games of the season. And later on the day, the very own Lamar fueled the fire with some saucy post-practice statements.

As Jackson made clear Wednesday, he's at "a hundred percent" and "ready to show it."

Jackson, if you remember, suffered an injury late last season and missed a whole bunch of games at the end of the 2022 NFL regular season and the lone postseason game (a loss) played by the Ravens already in the 2023 calendar year.

All things considered, LJ has been out of commission since Dec. 4, 2022. That will be 280 days without playing an NFL game, which is more than the days spanning between the Week 1 opener and the next Super Bowl (154).

Jackson said he is "back" and also feels like he is "better" than ever before. "I'm just ready to get the ball rolling right now," Jackson added, "Lots of hype."

Texans head coach Ryans told reporters on Monday that he expects a "healthy mix" of rushing and passing considering Lamar Jackson's skill set and the hiring of new Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken by the Baltimore Ravens.

In a few words, Ryans described Lamar as someone "keeping me up" at night. Now that Jackson has confirmed he's fully fit, hyped, and ready to go, Ryans will probably lose even more sleep than he already has and might need a whole lot of energy drinks to stay on his feet come Sunday's opener.

Coach John Harbaugh also commented on Jackson's "comeback" saying that the quarterback is "his own man," a "confident guy," and he also revealed that Jackson has "put everything into it" leading up to the 2023 season.

"[Lamar] has been out here. He’s been studying day and night. He’s been working on all his fundamentals. And he’s ready to go," Harbaugh stated. "Like we said last week, he’s ready to be on point with everything he does."

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The Ravens have won 6 of the past 7 Week 1 games, outscoring opponents 228-68. They are 21-7 against rookie quarterbacks with Harbaugh at the helm. Pencil a Ravens win in for this weekend, as that's simply what has happened nearly 80% of the time overall and 75% of the time a freshman QB has led the other team.

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