Where Laquon Treadwell fits into Baltimore Ravens depth chart

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The Baltimore Ravens have added more to their wide receiver room this year than at any other time in recent memory. That did not stop when they signed Laquon Treadwell. Treadwell is a former first-round pick, and he is just 28 years old. so there is a possibility that he can make an impact. Where does Treadwell stand on the Ravens roster, and what could his role be?

Where Laquon Treadwell fits into Baltimore Ravens depth chart

While he was a former first-round pick, Treadwell is no lock for this roster. He had injury questions coming out of Ole Miss, and those never seemed to go away. As a rookie, he played just nine games, and put up just 15 yards. Over the next three years with the Vikings, he posted 686 yards combined.

From there, he bounced around the NFL. He spent 2020 with the Falcons, 2021 with the Jaguars, and 2022 with the Seahawks. Over that three-year span, he posted 525 yards. So, he now enters his eighth year, and he has just 1,226 yards. This is different than Nelson Agholor, who also was a first-round pick, but was not a bust to this level. Agholor is in year nine and has 4,246 yards. He has three single seasons that are better than any three-year run by Treadwell. Agholor was disappointing for being a first-round pick, but Treadwell was a bust for a first-round pick.

When looking at the Ravens roster, there are currently just three locks out of the five or probably six receivers to make the roster. Those are Rashod Bateman, Zay Flowers, and Odell Beckham. They all have enough invested in them.

The next group of wideouts would be Devin Duvernay and Nelson Agholor. They are likely to make the roster as numbers four and five, but they are not locked on. This is where Laquon Treadwell would probably fit into the roster.

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Treadwell, James Proche, Tylan Wallace, and rookie UDFA Dontay Demus Jr. may be the four players fighting for that sixth spot. Any of these players could step up and take over for Duvernay or Agholor as the fourth or fifth, but in most cases, they are all competing for the sixth spot.

This leaves Mike Thomas, Andy Isabella, Shemar Bridges, Tarik Black, and Sean Ryan as the players who appear to be long shots to make the roster.