10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens blowout win over Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Daryl Worley
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8. What was the impact of Daryl Worley returning to the Baltimore Ravens?

For the first time since week four, the Baltimore Ravens saw Daryl Worley. They brought him back from the IR, and he played 22 snaps on defense in his return. His return is notable because it gives the Ravens a new layer. With Worley in at safety next to Geno Stone, the Ravens can let Kyle Hamilton roam a lot more.

Hamilton took the majority of his snaps in the slot but also was on the line, in the box as a dime backer, and everywhere you could ask. Sunday was probably the second-best game Hamilton played this year, only behind week three against the Colts when he primarily played in the slot. Hamilton is a good safety, but he is an elite chess piece who can do everything. Finally, having two capable safeties beyond Hamilton allows them to use him in this way.

Eventually, the Ravens will get Marcus Williams back, and the unit will look even better with Williams and Stone deep, and Hamilton as the hybrid. Until then, the best of Hamilton and another interception for Stone will do.