10 major questions emerging after Baltimore Ravens loss to Indianapolis Colts

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The Baltimore Ravens' loss to the Indianapolis Colts brings up all kinds of questions about the team and where they stand moving forward.

So, what does the team need to answer if they want to be labeled Super Bowl contenders?

10. Will Kyle Hamilton remain in the slot for the Baltimore Ravens?

One of the big differences in the Baltimore Ravens defense this weekend was Kyle Hamilton, who played in the slot after playing strong safety through two weeks. Ar'Darius Washington was starting in the slot, and he was the backup to Pepe Williams, who was already injured.

So, option three was to move Hamilton to the slot and then start Daryl Worley at safety next to Geno Stone. While the Ravens lost, this particular presence was a success. So, the question is whether or not this continues. In some regard, it has to. Neither Washington nor Williams will be back anytime soon.

However, at the same time, the team is bringing in Arthur Maulet slowly after he missed the preseason with an injury. The Baltimore Ravens will have to decide if they like Maulet in the slot and Hamilton back at safety, or do they like Hamilton in the slot with Worley at safety?