10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens blowout win over Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Geno Stone
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3. Which defender is most likely to re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens?

Every single week, the Baltimore Ravens see Geno Stone and Justin Madubuike do something better than the week before. Every week, it is a Stone interception and a Madubuike sack, and both are going to head to the Pro Bowl because of this. Both are due to contracts this offseason, and both are pricing themselves out of the Baltimore Ravens market.

It makes you wonder if the Ravens could stealthily get something done with Patrick Queen. Of the three Ravens who will get paid he is making by far the least game-changing plays and at this point will make the least on the open marker. So, do the Ravens try to sneak him in cheap? The odds still feel low. The Ravens have to feel that someone can come in cheap and play next to Roquan Smith and Smith will make the most of it.

Patrick Queen may be more likely to re-sign than either Madubuike or Stone, which was not the case back in August, but the odds of none of them re-signing is still the most likely option here.