10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over the Arizona Cardinals

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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Arizona Cardinals 31-24 in a game that honestly was not even that close. The team walked away from the game 6-2, and they are slowly becoming the trendy Super Bowl pick. Still, it is a long season, and the Ravens have plenty of questions to answer. What are they?

10. Was Lamar Jackson responsible for the sacks against the Arizona Cardinals?

Lamar Jackson took four sacks on Sunday. If you watch the sacks back, there are some responsibilities to the coverage being good, but a lot of the blame can be placed on Lamar Jackson. He had check downs or chances to create with his legs earlier. However, in most of those sacks, we saw Jackson hold the ball in the pocket for too long, pass up shorter passes, and then try to bail with his legs too late. This led to a lot of sacks. PFF seems to agree, as they changed with Jackson with 54.5% of the pressure responsibility this week. That is high, and the worst rate of the week.

This is not a trend for Jackson, who has been great at not causing pressure this season. He has a 15% sack responsibility rate this year, which is the lowest rate of his career. Are these old habits coming back, Jackson regressing after being too good at avoiding pressure, or was there something the Cardinals knew to do against him that others would see? Or, it could just be an outlier.