10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens win over the Arizona Cardinals

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8. Did the Baltimore Ravens interior OL show what they can do the rest of the season?

The Baltimore Ravens' interior offensive line had the best game of their season against the Arizona Cardinals. John Simpson may have been given one last shot this week. He had a weak matchup across from him, and he had been struggling in recent weeks. The Ravens needed to see him at his best, and they got it on Sunday. The same can be said for Kevin Zeitler, though. He has a longer track record than Simpson, and fans know and love him much more.

However, the start to his season has been as poor as Simpson this year. For him, the issue comes down to his age. You wonder if he will get back to his old ways or if he is past his prime. It was at least encouraging to see him back to some of his best work, even if he was against the easiest opponent of his season. It shows that Zeitler still has something in the tank and could bring it out if needed.

The grind of the season may wear on these two, and this may be one of the last times we congratulate their play. Or, this could be a spark for one of them or both of them moving forward. The Ravens needed them to dominate the Cardinals' weak front, and they did. That is good enough for this week.