5 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens week two preseason game

-A star is in the making

-Two starting jobs were won

-Two roles on the depth chart were settled

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4. Gus Edwards still has his role over Justice Hill on the Baltimore Ravens depth chart

One notable name that was missing from this game was Gus Edwards. This was notable because he was playing behind Justice Hill last week in the preseason opener. It brought questions about whether Edwards was actually behind Hill on the depth chart or not.

It was easy to speculate that, but in the second preseason game Hill starter, which is great. But, Edwards got the starter treatment, sitting out the game. This makes sense. In the preseason opener, JK Dobbins was not healthy.

The Ravens view their two running backs as different starters in a way. Dobbins is the speed back. So, his direct backup is Justice Hill. Meanwhile, Gus Edwards is the power back, and his direct backup was Melvin Gordon.

So, when Dobbins was out, it was not Edwards who stepped into the role as much as Hill. Edwards was not demoted behind Hill, but kept his same role. So, now that Dobbins is back, it is him and Edwards as the two starters sitting with Hill and Gordon working in as the backups.

If Dobbins played in the preseason Hill would not have worked over Edwards in week one. Edwards has a secure role in the Ravens backfield.