3 matchups where the Baltimore Ravens can dominate the Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens have already won two division road games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. If they win a third game this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they will be in control of their fate as they head into the meat of the schedule.

The Steelers will always play Baltimore tough; that is just how it goes. However, there are matchups that lean to the Ravens sweeping the division with a win over the Steelers this weekend.

3. The Baltimore Ravens must attack the Pittsburgh Steelers cornerbacks

The Pittsburgh Steelers cornerbacks are a huge weakness on their team right now. As they stand right now, Levi Wallace is fifth in the NFL in yards allowed with 259. Meanwhile, Patrick Peterson is not far behind that with 216. Wallace is giving up a lot of separation, and at his age, Peterson is not there anymore.

To be fair, some of it has to do with matchups. Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel get the better of a lot of cornerbacks, Amari Cooper is a strong wideout, and Davante Adams always gets his. Still, last week, it was Nico Collings who dominated both of them.

For the Ravens, there are questions about who will be out there. Zay Flowers can have his advantages, but if they shift attention over to him, he may not explode. Rashod Bateman and Odell Beckham appear to be out for this week, and Nelson Agholor came up limping late last week as well.

Will one of them get back, or can Devin Duvernay beat this secondary? It is an exposable unit, but there are not enough healthy weapons for the Baltimore Ravens to take advantage of right now.